Wow it's HOT!

If you think you’re hot during the Saudi summer, imagine what it would feel like to wear a fur coat all day!

How much water should my pet drink per day?

Pets’ require different quantities of water depending on their size and diet. For example, a pet fed purely on dry kibble will drink more than a pet fed with wet food, because the wet food will contain water.

In general, your pet should drink about 60ml per kg of body weight per day. If you think your pet is drinking more than 100ml per kg of body weight then we strongly recommend a check-up with your local vet.

How many water bowls do I need?

If you have more than 1 pet you should have at least the same number of water bowls as you have pets.

What if my pet isn’t interested in water?

Pets can be fussy so make sure they have fresh water every day. Many prefer running water, so a water fountain can entice them to drink. You can also try a water additive, such as salmon oil for extra taste.

If you are concerned your pet is dehydrated you can check their gums, they should be moist and pink, if dehydrated they can become dry and tacky. As always, if you are concerned their behaviour or drinking habits change, consult your local vet clinic for expert advice.


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