How your pet shows they care

Top 10 ways your pet shows how much they love you

We love our pets, and treat them to the best, but how do they show us affection?

Animals show us they care in a hundred adorable, funny (and weird) ways, here are 10 ways your pet is saying those three magic words.

They greet you at the door

That moment when you return home from work or shopping to find your pets waiting at the door has to be one of the purest expressions of love. Meanwhile your kids haven’t looked up from their iPad!

They follow you around

Have you noticed how your pet watches you when you’re getting dressed, putting away the shopping or cleaning the house? Happy Pets are happy to hang out with you during the most boring, mundane moments.

They tap you with their paw

Okay, sometimes your furry friend wants a cheeky bite of your shawarma. But this is also a cute way of demanding your attention.

They sit by your side

There’s nothing better than when your pet curls up next to you or on your lap.  It shows they feel safe and content with you and for pet parents it’s a guaranteed stress reliever.

They look into your eyes

Did you know most animals view prolonged eye contact as a threat? Both cats and dogs will avoid making eye contact unless it’s with someone they trust.

They ‘knead’ you

No, your cat is not making bread, they’re associating you with the comfort of nursing. In other words, they’re feeling as happy and loved as when they were a kitten.

They look after you when you’re low

Had a bad day? Pets have an ability to sense when you’re having a rough day and will often cuddle up to you for emotional support.

They show you their belly

Your pet’s stomach is their most vulnerable body part. If they roll over and expose it to you, consider yourself a VERY special human.

They head-butt you

When a cat rubs their head against you, they’re marking you with their scent and claiming you as ‘theirs’. A little weird, yes, but 100% adorable.

They forgive you

Your pet hasn’t the slightest idea why you keep taking them to those dreaded humans you call ‘the groomer’ and ‘the vet’. And yet they still love you. Now, that is an act of love.


Animals have unique ways of sneaking into our hearts. Take a close look at their behaviour and you’ll realise that true love doesn’t need words.


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How your pet shows they care

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