Adding a four-legged friend to your family

We know the love and happiness a pet can bring to a home, and as Saudi Arabia becomes more pet friendly we’ve put together some tips and things for you to consider before adding a new pet to your family.


Kittens & Puppies don’t stay cute!

Yes, we know they’re super cute, but every kitten and puppy will grow so you need to consider if you can offer a loving home to an adult pet for the next 12-15 years.

Adopt Don’t Shop

For every cute kitten or puppy there are 100 adult pets just waiting for their forever home. Whether they have been left by previous owners, or rescued from the street, adopting an adult pet is immensely satisfying. Check out the rescue groups on social media and give an unwanted pet a second chance in life.

Pet-proof your home

Once you have chosen your pet you need to make sure your home will be safe for them. Consider hiding exposed electrical cords (very chewable), moving fragile items off shelves (cats just looove to knock things over). Don’t forget some human food and plants are toxic to pets, so don’t leave that chocolate bar on the table or it will mean an expensive trip to the vet.

Assign Responsibilities

Caring for a pet is a huge responsibility, but also an opportunity for children to get involved and learn. Choose who will be responsible for feeding, grooming and exercise each day.

Buy the essentials

You don’t need to spend a fortune, but you will need some basics for your pet:

They’re home!

You and your home will be new and they could be anxious, give them space. Let them make the first move and approach you, this will help make them more comfortable. When they’re more familiar with their new environment, they’ll be set to meet other people, including any other pets.

Entice them with toys, playing is a great way for your pet to get to know you in a fun way.

Arrange a vet consultation to ensure they are fit and healthy, we also recommend you discuss vaccinations and neutering.

A few days in

After a few days your pet should start to feel more comfortable with you. They’ll start responding to your voice and be keen to play. Don’t worry if your pet takes a little time, some pets, particularly if a rescue, need more time, are shyer, or just require extra patience.

Keep an eye on your new pet’s eating and toilet habits to become familiar with what’s normal for them. If in doubt, check with your vet.

Remember, you’ll need plenty of patience with your new pet. They will likely want to chew, explore, scratch and generally get in the way, but this is simply their natural instinct. As they grow and learn the rules, they will use their scratching post, their litter tray and choose their toys as a plaything (instead of your shoes!).

Don’t be worried if your existing pets are grumpy. Some pets are more social than others so they won’t always be best friends. Make sure they have separate beds and bowls and spend equal time with them to avoid any jealousy.


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