International Pet Travel (Accompanied Baggage)

When moving abroad with your pet you have two options; accompanied baggage or manifest cargo. Your options may be limited by the airlines operating to / from the origin / destination and the rules at your destination (for example, Saudia Airlines accept pets in the cabin but the UK requires all pets travel as Manifest Cargo, so the option is not possible for flights to the UK).
Some airlines permit owners to travel with their pets as accompanied baggage, meaning you literally check the pets in with your hold baggage at the airport counter. Depending on your airline, you may receive confirmation at time of booking that your pet will travel with you in the cabin or have to be placed in the cargo hold, other airlines may not confirm pet acceptance until you check in.

The arrival process will vary depending on your destination; for arrivals into Riyadh cats and small dogs will be delivered to the baggage area and you will be asked for the import documentation and health certificate when passing through security screening, whereas for arrivals into London Heathrow the pet will be transferred to the Animal Reception Centre as per manifest cargo.

When travelling as Accompanied Baggage the rules for pet carriers do differ between airlines, please ensure you check with your airline when you book your flights to ensure their minimum / maximum requirements are clear.

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