Adopt Don't Shop

We believe pets are family and deserve a safe loving environment, that's why we don't buy or sell live animals in our store.
For any Customers wishing to buy a pet we strongly recommend you contact one of the many pet rescue groups who work tirelessly across Saudi Arabia to rescue abandoned animals. These groups are run by volunteers and they are are always looking for responsible animal lovers who can give a forever home to one of their many cats and dogs.
You can see details of the rescue pets available, and contact the groups, via their Facebook pages*:
IMPORTANT: If you witness any animal abuse or welfare issues in Saudi Arabia, please call the MEWA (Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture) hotline on 800 247 0000
*We have no affiliation with any pet rescue groups. You should always consider carefully the needs of any pet you are looking to adopt and ensure you can provide a stable forever home, with all the associated costs