International Pet Travel (Cargo)

When moving abroad with your pet you have two options; accompanied baggage or manifest cargo. Your options may be limited by the airlines operating to / from the origin / destination so please contact us with your exact requirements and we will be happy to provide more detailed information to suit your needs.

Manifest Cargo is the most common way of moving a pet from one country to another as you do not have to accompany your pet and are therefore not limited to a specific airline or date of travel.
When travelling as cargo a pet will normally be delivered to the airlines' cargo team 6-8 hours prior to the flight departure time (dependent on local processes). Expat Logistics have an experienced team who oversee the handling in Riyadh Airport to ensure your pet is cared for and has food and water before travel.
Your pet will be placed in the cargo hold for the journey. Obviously live animals require a specific environment in the hold therefore due to the differing capabilities of each aircraft they are not accepted by every airline or on every route.
The process on arrival does vary between countries but most have government run vet facilities where your pet will be transferred for a check-up by a registered vet prior to release to the owner. As the boarding fees in these facilities can vary, and if available are very high, we recommend owners either collect within a few hours of arrival or arrange for their pet to be transferred same day for boarding elsewhere.
Expat Logistics can provide support with import / export documents, licenses, vaccinations and laboratory testing as well as cargo bookings and local collection and delivery, visit our website for more info