Top tips for a healthy coat

Your pet’s coat is a good indicator of their overall health, and while regular grooming is essential for a glossy coat and healthy skin, there are a few other things you can do to keep them looking their best.

Feed your pet a high-quality diet

If you've had a few days of take-aways and chocolate you know you don't look as fabulous as usual, well it's true for pets too! Providing them with a balanced diet has a huge effect on their hair and skin, so feed them the best quality food your budget will allow and they will be happy and healthy every day. 


Grooming doesn't just happen when you remember to book an appointment, it should be be part of your pet's daily routine, and as there is no travel, or the stress of new people, pets will be much calmer if you introduce a home grooming routine.

When you’re bathing your pet, make sure you’re using the right product. For example. for long hair you could use a tangle spray, a mild shampoo for puppies and kittens, or a waterless shampoo if they are stressed at the idea of a bath. 

Most cats will run away from a bath, but they do love being brushed. Simply brush through their coat whilst on your lap, and make sure they see the brush first so they aren't surprised. .

Add supplements

Salmon Oil is great for both cats and dogs, there are also many vitamins and supplements which specifically support healthy hair and skin.

Watch out for allergies

Food allergies caused by dairy, grains and particular types of meat are common in pets, so look out for signs such as itchy skin or an upset stomach after eating. If you think your pet might be suffering from an allergy, a hypoallergenic food may help to relieve their symptoms. We strongly recommend you check with your Vet as they can advise on their specific health requirements.


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