Being a pet parent is good for you!

The Bayt Al Aleefa team all agree that having a furry friend by your side can be quite the stress soother. After an afternoon session of cute photo sharing we came up with a list of the benefits of having a pet in your life. 

1. Pets can foster mindfulness

Did you know that playing with your pet can calm anxiety by increasing your serotonin and dopamine levels?  Stroking and cuddling your pet also helps provides sensory stress relief and can help reduce stress. The Bayt Al Aleefa team all agreed than spending time with their pet helps them wind down from their day, your cat or dog won’t dwell on events from earlier in the day, nor will they hold grudges. The next time you’re stressing over a project or receive a frustrating work email, be like a cat and chill!.

2. Pets can create a regular routine

After working from home for so long we all lost our daily routines (yes, we worked on the laptop for an entire day in our PJs too!), but having a pet forces you out of the rut and gets us all back into a daily routine.

Being a pet parent means getting up at the same time every day, taking your dog for his morning walk, preparing their breakfast, cleaning the cat litter tray,  squeezing in time to play… and so much more. They may seem small, but these daily rituals add up to a routine which is healthy for both you and your pet.

3. Pets can be a great distraction

We all agree our furry friends can be a great distraction from everyday life. Yes, everyone at Bayt Al Aleefa is busy making sure our Customers have all the food, treats and accessories they need, but everyone needs some down time, and a chat about the latest cute cat video, or what our pets have been up to at home, gives us a chance to relax for a few minutes before we get back to work on orders or customer messages. 


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