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Zolux Black Nylon Dog Muzzle

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Product description

Zolux Black Nylon Dog Muzzle

Available in various sizes.

The measurement taken is the smallest measurement at the outer end of the muzzle.

Sizes are Circumference x Length

Size 0. Ideal for Pinscher, Yorkshire / Toy Pinscher - Yorkshire / Pincher, Yorkshire or similar sized dogs. Size 14cm x 6.5cm

Size 1. Ideal for Caniche Nain, Teckel, Westies, Cairn Terrier, Toy Poodle, or similar sized dogs. Size 16cm x 9cm

Size 2. Ideal for Cocker, Caniche, For Terrier, Poddle, or similar sized dogs. Size 18cm x 11cm

Size 3. Ideal for Doberman, Berger Allemand, German Shepherd, or similar sized dogs.

Size 4. Ideal for Dogue, German Mastiff, Mountain Shepherd, or similar sized dogs

Size 5. Ideal for Bull Mastiff or similar sized dogs. Size 26cm x 16cm

Size 7. Ideal for Staffies or similar sized dogs. Size 22cm x 11cm

Size 8. Ideal for Rottweilers or similar sized dog. Size 24cm x 15cm

 Size 9. Ideal for Boxers or similar dogs. Size 31cm x 9cm

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Zolux Black Nylon Dog Muzzle

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