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Sanal Taurin Tablets For Cats 60g

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Product description

Cats are not able to produce taurin the natural way. Especially for pregnant cats taurin is needed for a healthy development of their unborn young. New-born young get their taurin exclusively through the mother milk. 

Sanal Taurin contains a high dose of taurin per tablet (250mg).

 For kittens, adult cats and pregnant cats
 Taurin helps to support the eyes
 Helps to prevent complaints to heart, nervous system and skeleton of your cat
 Contains 250 mg of taurin per tablet

Recommended use:
Kittens: 1 tablet
Adult cats: 2 - 3 tablets
Pregnant cats: 3 - 4 tablets


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Sanal Taurin Tablets For Cats 60g

60.00 SR

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