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Ruff Maxx Green & White Rope Dog Leash 180cm

Ruff Maxx Green & White Rope Dog Leash 180cm

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Ruff Maxx Green / White Rope Dog Leash 180cm

High-powered outdoor companions need dependable dog collars and leashes that will keep up with outdoor wear and tear. The Ruffmaxx Rope Leash answers this need by providing outdoor sporting enthusiasts and their dogs with essentials like quick release snap and traffic leads, center O-ring, reflective and waterproof collars. The Ruffmaxx Slip Leash has been specially designed for comfort and dependability.

  • Size: 13 mm x 72" / 1.3cm x 180cm
  • Color/Style: Green / White
  • Use as an integrated correction collar that slips over your dogs head
  • Allows for a quick adjustable collar that's easy to use
  • Adjustable leather sliding tab prevents slipping, but is easy to adjust when the leash is relaxed
  • Specially designed for comfort and dependability
  • Weight: 1.42 lb.
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