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Little One Junior Rabbits 900g

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Product description

Junior rabbits up to 6 months need special nutrition that promotes proper growth and development. 
Little One represents a special feeding approach designed to nourish junior rabbits according to their evolutionary adaptation to a diet rich and diverse not just in herbs and plants, but also in other plant-based ingredients. 

Every pack of nutrient-dense Little One feed for junior rabbits contains:
  • 27 different biologically appropriate ingredients to nourish junior rabbits of all breeds according to their evolutionary and biological needs. 
  • 15% of high-quality fiber for optimal health and digestion. 
  • 14% of various vegetables and rare fruit to make the feed deliciously tasty for even the fussiest pets. 
  • 14% of puffed ingredients with low bulk density which are turning proteins and carbohydrates into easy-to-digest nutrients.
  • 20 elements of vitamin and mineral complex presented in the most digestible form. The complex is a great source of virtually every nutrient a junior rabbits needs. 
  • Richly nourishing protein to meet the demand during the period of active growth. 
  • Origanum extract will help with the prevention of coccidiosis. 
  • FOS as natural prebiotics will provide a comfortable digestion. 
  • Biotin and zinc will help to keep the junior rabbit's coat shiny and the skin healthy. 
  • Yucca extract will help prevent the appearance of an unpleasant odours. 
  • grass pellets
  • wheat puffed
  • sweet lupin flakes
  • maize flakes
  • carob
  • pea flakes
  • carrot flakes
  • alfalfa structure
  • fructooligosaccharides
  • origanum extract
  • yucca extract
Analytical constituents
  • protein – 17,9%
  • fats – 4,6%
  • fibre – 10,7%
  • ash – 7,5%
  • calcium – 1% 
  • phosphorus – 0,8%
  • vitamin A – 15205 IU
  • vitamin D3 – 1115 IU 
  • vitamin Е – 154 IU
  • biotin – 304 mcg
  • cupric sulfate (II)  – 5 mg 
  • potassium iodide – 2 mg
Feeding instructions
  • The daily norm of Little One feed for rabbit feed is 30 g per 1 kg of young rabbit’s weight.
  • Make sure the rabbit has fresh water and hay.


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Little One Junior Rabbits 900g

23.95 SR

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