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Lindocat 12L Advanced Multi-Cat Cat Litter

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Lindocat Advanced MultiCat 12L

Used since ancient times for multiple uses, baking soda is now widely known as “grandmother’s remedy” to eliminate odours in the home. Whether it’s the laundry basket or the refrigerator just add a spoonful of baking soda to neutralize bad smells. Thanks to the special formula with bicarbonate, Multi-Cat + is the ideal litter for those with more cats in the house as it is able to ensure greater control of bad odours.

With baking soda.
A natural remedy for the control of bad smells.
Ideal for those with multiple cats at home.

Multi-Cat + is a high-quality, clumping, hygienic litter made of 100% bentonite of unique white colour, with a fine grain size. The small size of the granules allows a very rapid agglomeration and the formation of solid clumps, with a minimal waste of product for a longer duration over time than normal litters. Without added fragrances in full respect of your cat’s physical well-being.


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Lindocat 12L Advanced Multi-Cat Cat Litter

65.00 SR

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