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Life Dog Mixer Salmon 150g

Life Dog Mixer Salmon 150g

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Life Dog Mixer Salmon 150g

Great for mixing with dry food!

Made with slices of real salmon of first quality preserved in abundant and tasty vegetable sauce, with the addition of green beans and fresh carrots. The large amount of sauce and the shape of the pieces of meat make it perfect to be mixed with dry foods, adding a sprint of taste and proteins of high nutritional value to kibbles.

Free of additives, MONOPROTEIC and GRAIN FREE.


Salmon (40%), Green beans (10%), Carrots (5%), Tapioca starch

Analytical constituents:

protein 10%, crude oils and fats 1.8%, crude fibre 0.1%, crude ash 0.7%, moisture 83%


Store in a cool, dry place. Store in the refrigerator after opening and use within 48 hours.

How to use:

Pour Mixer crocc over the croquettes and mix, so that the meat, fish and vegetables mix evenly with the croquettes and that all the sauce is absorbed.

For a good functionality of the product, so that the amount of sauce is adequate in relation to the croquettes, and that the meat / fish are sufficient to provide that "sprint" of taste to the ration, we suggest adding a can of Crocc Mixer every 150g of croquettes.

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