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Kong Catnip Powder 28g

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Product description

Catnip is rich in plant fiber, can stimulate cat stomach, promote vomiting hair ball, help cat digestion, so that the cat is more healthy.

Appropriate use of catnip, can improve the relationship between the cat and the owner, so that cats more exciting and lively.

Catnip is rich in vitamin C, etc., can effectively complement the cat's body needs, thereby enhancing the cat appetite. Clean the mouth, fresh breath, wipe the mouth odor, necessary to reduce the pressure on the heart.

The cat will be excited when smell catnip, jumped up and down with many odd behaviors, which makes the cat relax and relieve tension.

Warning: 1. Do not use frequently, otherwise the cat will not be sensitive to the odor. They will only lick and no longer roll.

2. Don't use too much at one time. The dosages is equivalent to the size of the little thumb lid. Cats sucking too much catnip will have difficulty breathing.

3. The effect is short-lived, and it does not make the cat addicted or have side effects. About 70% of cats react to the smell of catnip.

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Kong Catnip Powder 28g

40.00 SR

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