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JW Play Gym Bird Toy

JW Play Gym Bird Toy

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This JW® Pet Play Gym bird toy will provide lots of stimulation and exercise for your pet bird to enjoy. This interactive toy is designed to stimulate your feathered friend's mind as well as its motor skills for your pet bird's well-being. This clever bird toy will keep your friend vigorous and healthy. Experts recommend that you provide your bird with exercise and fun time outside of the cage. This play gym gives your fine, feathered friend just that! He will be challenged mentally and physically.

Includes a mirror and a bell for stimulation, a ladder and an archway for exercise, and two feeding dishes. The play gym attaches to the top of the cage, to the side of the cage, or on top of a table. Oh, and this gym doesn't require monthly dues as our human gyms do.

Great for cockatiels, parakeets, and similarly sized birds.

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