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Josera Help Weight & Diabetic Cat 2kg

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If jumping from the scratching post becomes difficult, your cat drinks excessively, is very hungry and gains or loses a lot of weight, the diagnosis of diabetes may be present. As with humans, it is then time for a diet that meets their needs: with Josera Help Weight & Diabetic your cat can maintain its ideal weight or, with moderate feeding, gently reduce it and get the diabetes under control.

The calorie- and sugar-reduced recipe is ideally suited for such a diet. Fibres support normal blood sugar levels and also contribute to satiety. The phytogenic complex contains ginger tuber, which has a digestive effect. – Ginger is a traditional ingredient for diabetes support.

Josera Help Weight & Diabetic can help your velvet paw to feel better by helping it to lose weight and maintain its ideal weight through reduced calorie intake. For cats suffering from diabetes, the recipe can also be supportive.

 Suitable for a needs-based diet

  • Can support diabetes therapy thanks to reduced calorie and sugar content
  • Rich in fibre: Supports normal blood sugar levels and contributes to satiety despite reduced energy content
  • With the phytogen complex: the ingredients of the ginger tuber have a digestive effect
  • Stimulation of the metabolism through a high protein content
  • L-carnitine stimulates fat metabolism and supports muscle maintenance

 Dietary feed with reduced energy content for adult cats to support diabetes mellitus

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Josera Help Weight & Diabetic Cat 2kg

69.00 SR

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