Flower Power Cat Tree

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Flower Power Cat Tree

The whimsical flower design in bold shades of fuchsia and lime green is sure to add a delightful presence to any room!

The Flower Power cat tree combines super soft, plush fabrics with durable jute to provide the perfect place for your cat to sleep, lounge and play

Two plush, dangling swat toys and lounging platform provide opportunities for pouncing and jumping. Two individual, natural, jute rope scratching posts offer an appealing texture to cats, curbing inappropriate scratching behaviors.

Our incredibly plush flower bed encompassed in velvety soft pillows to surround your feline in total comfort while making your cat or kitten feel more secure and less vulnerable to sneak attacks.

Flower Power 7320 measures 23 ½”/59cm Long, 17 ¾”/44.5cm Wide, and 28 1/8”/70cm High.