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Fat Cat Big Mean Kitty Dog Toy

Fat Cat Big Mean Kitty Dog Toy

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Don't let the Terribly Nasty Scary Kitties who roam your neighborhood give your dog nightmares! Get them a FAT CAT® Big Mean Kitty; Dog Toy to get the ultimate revenge! Made of durable canvas material, these Terrible Nasty Scaries are built to stand up to rough play! Their long floppy arms, legs, and tail whack your dog as they shake them about giving your dog that happy feeling of catching prey. A squeaker inside adds even more fun! Ships in assorted characters: Awful Mean Kitty, Big Mean Kitty, & Dirty Rotten Kitty.

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  • The ultimate revenge toy for dogs
  • Built to stand up to rough play
  • Squeaker inside for added fun
  • Dogs love the long & floppy legs, arms, & tail
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