Fat Cat Big Mama's Pounce-O-Rama Cat Toy

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Fat Cat Big Mama's Pounce-O-Rama Cat Toy

Our most famous cat, Big Mama, was busy solving lots'o cat drama. To keep kitties busy, and not in a tizzy, she created the fun FAT CAT® Pounce-O-Rama. Big Mama's Pounce-O-Rama is sure to stir up some curiosity with your cats. As they watch the ball irregularly roll around underneath the fabric, they just can't resist the urge to pounce on the hidden prey they think is underneath.

Includes organic cat nip. To refill the catnip: Simply pop open the door located underneath the Pounce-O-Rama.


  • Includes Zoom Around The Room Catnip!
  • Great exercise toy to keep cats intrigued 
  • Refill catnip pod