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Carnilove Cat Chicken and Rabbit

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Product description

Carnilove Fresh Chicken & Rabbi dry food for cats

  • A delicious and nutritious meal.

  • grain-free and potato-free formula is made with fresh chicken and rabbit meat, which provide high-quality protein and essential amino acids for your cat’s health and vitality.

  • contains a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs that support your cat’s natural immunity, digestion and urinary tract health.

  • It has salmon oil, crustacean shells and cartilage extract to nourish your cat’s skin, coat, joints and tendons.

  • Treat your cat to a mouth-watering meal that satisfies its carnivorous instincts and refined taste buds.

  • Full-blooded predators whose way of life is determined by a strong hunting instinct.

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Carnilove Cat Chicken and Rabbit

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