Beaphar Veto Pure Bio Collar for Cats

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Beaphar Veto Pure Bio Collar for Cats

VETOpure Bio Collar for Cats is effective against parasites such as fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. The collar is specifically developed to repel external parasites.

The collar contains: Natural extracts of Margosa (Neem). This extract is known for its repellent characteristics against fleas, ticks and insects. Lavender, which has a pleasant fragrance with insect repellent properties as well. Due to its manufacturing process, this collar ensures continuous release of the natural extracts of Margosa and Lavender in the fur of the animal.

The collar is waterproof: The properties of the collar will not be affected by water or moisture. It does not disturb the sense of smell of the dog or cat.

The length of the collar can be adjusted to the size of the cats’ neck. The collar is effective for three months and is suitable for cats older than three months.

Effective product without pesticides to repel parasites from your cat!