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Beaphar Multi Fresh Litter Deodorant Orchid 400g

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Beaphar Multi Fresh Litter Deodorant Orchid 400g

Beaphar Multi Fresh will eliminate unpleasant smells and lingering odours from your cat’s litter tray and the surroundings. What’s more, it makes the litter last longer!

Beaphar Multi Fresh is suitable for all litter types, is pH neutral and is completely biodegradable. It will bring a fresh and pleasant atmosphere to the home that you share with your feline friend!

The special urine encapsulation technology ensures that urine particles (ammonia) are bound immediately. Strong and unpleasant smells are absorbed so that no odours can escape from the litter tray. Helpful enzymes break down organic odour particles and permanently remove them. Unpleasant odours that naturally emanate from litter trays are "eaten up" and completely neutralised, instead of just being covered up. 

Using Beaphar Multi Fresh doubles the amount of time you can use cat litter for. This not only saves you the time you would normally spend cleaning the litter box, it also saves money because your litter can be used for longer. One pack containing 400g should last up to 20 uses.

  • Active odour eliminator for litter trays 
  • Urine encapsulation technology: effectively absorbs odours
  • Keeps litter fresh for longer: use cat litter for double the time
  • Very economical: 1 pack equals 20 uses
  • Completely biodegradable 
  • Suitable for all types of litter
  • pH neutral 
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Beaphar Multi Fresh Litter Deodorant Orchid 400g

38.00 SR

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