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Zolux Indoor Maxi loft 2 - Blue

493.00 SR

The INDOOR MAXI LOFT cage from ZOLUX is the most comfortable and spacious apartment you can make for your little mentee!  Four levels allow you to move freely and increase the space that your pet can explore. If your pet got bored of the former apartment, the ZOLUX company offers a new quality among cages for small animals - the truest palace in which the animal will feel like a king!

The arrangement of the INDOOR cage rods is safe for small animals. Lead-free epoxy paint and polypropylene plastic are non-toxic, so you don't have to worry about the health of your pet. A grate at the bottom makes cleaning and keeping the cage clean as your pet needs.

The INDOOR MAXI LOFT cage is equipped with wheels, two of which are with brakes, which further increases safety. The construction was made of metal. The cage contains a large number of doors.


Dimensions:  925 x 390 x 675 mm