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Whiskas Dry Hairball Chicken & Tuna 1.1kg

29.25 SR

Hairball Control Chicken & Tuna Dry Cat Food from Whiskas for Adult 1+ Cats

You can now help your cat deal with hairball formation. When your cat licks his fur/hair, Hairballs are then formed in his stomach. Feed him with WHISKAS Hairball Control that contains natural fiber from sugar beet. It helps to move the hairball through your cat's gastrointestinal tract naturally.

Both WHISKAS dry and wet food are complete and balanced for your cat’s nutritional needs. However for optimal goodness, we encourage you provide both dry and wet food to your cat. Wet food contains water to ensure healthy urinary tracts, and has fewer calories. The unique kibble shape of WHISKAS dry food helps to clean teeth and gums, ensuring your cat’s oral health. Your cat will surely adore the variety in texture and flavours that you provide to her.