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Tuff Pets Compostable XL Poop Bags 1 Roll (10 bags)

Tuff Pets Compostable XL Poop Bags 1 Roll (10 bags)

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  • Go Green: Tuff Pets Compostable poop bags are OK Compost HOME and EN13432 certified for home composting. This means 90 percent of the organic corn starch is converted into CO2 within 6 months within a garden compost heap. 

  • No Mess, Less Hassle: Leak-proof poop bags are 50% thicker than supermarket brands at 20 microns. With these heavy duty poop bags dogs waste creates less mess.

  • Fuss-Free Sealing: Easy-to-use tie-handles so you can effortlessly and safely secure the dog bag ready to be disposed of where appropriate. These unscented dog poop bags lock in any nasty odours.

  • Large Dog Poo Bags - Tuff Pets Compostable Poo Bags are 34x14cm allowing you to pick up even the largest dog poop. Poop bags for dogs of all sizes.

  • Fits in Your Dispenser - Will fit into any standard dog poo bag dispenser or dog poop bag holder.

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