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Sheba Tuna Fillet & Prawn in Gravy 85g

7.25 SR

Product Description:

Sheba Tuna Fillets and Whole Prawns will leave your cat asking for more. Its specially formulated for all adult cats and helps maintain their natural coat and heath. Your cat needs to have some specific nutrition in its diet to ensure a healthy growth. This food can be fortified with your cats daily diet to ensure optimal health. Made with real pieces of tuna and prawns, Sheba Tuna Fillets and Whole Prawns is indeed a daily feast for your pet. It’s high in mineral content, which keeps your cat’s heart healthy. It contains good amount of amino acids, which maintains the shiny coat of your cat. What’s more, it’s a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids that strengthens the vision of your cat while maintaining its general wellbeing.


Tuna ,Prawns, Thickeing Agents(Modified Startch, Guar Gum)

Nutritional Analysis:

Protein- 10%, Fat- 0.2%, Fiber (Max)-0.5%, Moisture(Max)-90%