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Sergeant's Fur so Fresh Gentle Guard Shampoo - Puppies

Sergeant's Fur so Fresh Gentle Guard Shampoo - Puppies

38.25 SR

1 x 18 fl oz (532ml) bottle - Baby fresh fragrance

This model 03803 Sergeant's Fur So Fresh Dog Shampoo in the 18 oz bottle is made with a gentle formula for puppies just getting their first baths and older dogs with sensitive skin prone to itching and hot spots. It's as mild as a baby product so it won't irritate eyes or skin while you're giving your furry friend a bath. This Sergeant's dog shampoo goes for the deep clean to bring out the natural luster of your pet's fur, whether it's long or short, curly or straight. As an added bonus, it has a fresh baby powder fragrance that makes snuggling more pleasant.

  • Gentle formula for puppies and dogs with sensitive skin
  • Mild as baby shampoo
  • Non-irritating to the eyes and skin
  • Deep-cleaning dog shampoo formula
  • Brings out fur's natural luster
  • Baby fresh fragrance
  • 18 oz