Schesir Tuna Salad with Anchovy Sweet Potato & Cranberries 85g

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Schesir Tuna Salad with Anchovy Sweet Potato & Cranberries 85g

A recipe made with delicious tuna fillets, combined with tasty sweet potatoes and cranberries, renowned for their multiple antioxidant properties, in a velvety, irresistible sauce, which will wet your pet’s appetite for natural flavour. An original combination of natural taste and lightness that comes from a refined mix of flavours. 

Schesir was the first company to add real pieces of fruit to its cat food, drawing on the results of a study carried out in collaboration with the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences – Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, on the positive effects of fruit in a cat’s diet.

  • Tuna is the main ingredient in this recipe
  • Anchovies, sweet potato and cranberries add the final touch to this recipe
  • All ingredients selected by Schesir are 100% natural
  • The ingredients are steam-cooked and prepared by hand
  • All Schesir products are formulated with no added preservatives or colours
  • Schesir uses only sustainably fished tuna
  • Cruelty free
  • Packaging is 100% recyclable

      30% tuna, 5% anchovy, 5% sweet potato, 5% cranberries