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Royal Canin Ultra Lightweight Gravy 12x85g Pouch

Royal Canin Ultra Lightweight Gravy 12x85g Pouch

67.50 SR
Chunks in gravy to help control body weight of cats. First and only feline wet nutrition that supports a healthy urinary system. For adult cats over 1 year.

Ingredients: meat and animal derivatives, cereals, eggs and eggs derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin, minerals.

Feeding guidelines: There are two options – 100% chunks or chunks plus kibble. Recommended daily intake (grams) is printed on the box.

Ultra light helps to reduce spontaneous calorie intake
L-carnitine helps the body utilise fat stores. Healthy urinary system
Helps maintain a healthy urinary system by reducing the concentration of the minerals which can lead to urinary stones.


Muscle mass
Helps to preserve muscle mass thanks to high protein content.

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