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Penn Plax Cat Walk Contemporary 2-in-1 Jungle Gym - Free Standing or Door Mounted

263.00 SR
  • ● TWO-IN-ONE LAYOUT: This uniquely designed Jungle Gym can be used free-standing, or hung over any door, making it a great space saver. Legs are included to secure the Jungle Gym when used in the free-standing position.
  • ● MULTIPLE USES FOR MULTIPLE SETUPS: This luxury cat tree can be disguised as a regular shelving unit when free-standing, though we can’t guarantee that your cat won’t happily knock anything off the shelves!
  • ● PERFECT FOR ALL ROOMS - EVEN SMALLER ONES: Durable metal brackets are included to keep the Jungle Gym in place when used over-the-door, an excellent option for smaller rooms and homes.
  • ● FOR CATS WHO LOVE TO SILENTLY JUDGE: The Jungle Gym consists of three shelves, each of which is carpeted to provide traction keeping your cat’s safety in mind.
  • ● CONTEMPORARY DESIGN MESHES WITH ALMOST EVERY ROOM: Cats are able to climb through each shelf to the one above or below, and can choose different viewpoints from which to perch and watch over their home. Featuring a polished espresso finish, the Jungle Gym will blend seamlessly in any room.