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Penn Plax 2 Post Vertical Tower with Hide Away

712.00 SR
  • SLS SYSTEM MEANS NO TOOLS REQUIRED: Our Stable Locking System means all you need to do is align the perch and twist until you hear the click. The pieces easily lock together for a Cat Tree that is both STABLE, STRONG, and SIMPLE TO ASSEMBLE.
  • LOTS OF ROOM TO STRETCH, CLIMB, PERCH, and SCRATCH: This large 5-level multi-use cat scratch lounge tower has been designed to accommodate multiple cats with a variety of interests as it provides many enticing options for your pet. Cats that love to climb will enjoy making their way to the top of this 68 inch tower. Each level has a nice cozy perch to hang out on.
  • CATS NEED REST AND RELAXATION TOO: Some pets just want a private place to hide (and hoard their stuff). Lined with faux fur, the two cat hideaways create a comfy environment for your cat to get some rest and relaxation.
  • DESIGNED WITH YOUR CAT'S ENTERTAINMENT IN MIND: Dangling swatting cat toys provide hours of fun for your feline. They’ll keep their activity level high swatting and clawing at the toys.
  • LOTS OF AREA FOR SCRATCHING AND CLAWING WILL PROVIDE RELIEF TO YOUR HOME: Cats enjoy stretching, marking territory, and sharpening their claws. The tower has sisal scratching posts throughout to provide a safe outlet for this natural behavior.
  • Product Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 67.8 inches