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Natural - Pigeon Maxi Seeds 20kg

164.25 SR

Pigeon Maxi Seeds

Ideal for wild birds

All percentages are approximate and will vary per pack.

Safflower Seeds 10% Dari 7.5% Dunpeas 5% peas yellow 5%, Peas green 5%, French cribs maize 30%, Orange Maize 5%, Maple peas 10%, milo red 5%, rice paddy 4%, wheat 5%, tares 5%, canary seed 0.35%, oats pealed 1.05%, black rap seed 0.42%, yellow millet 1.25%, linseed 0.07%m broken white rice 0.35%

Analysis, Moisture 16%, crude protein 15%, crude fat, 7%, crude cekkulkose 7%, crude ash 3%

How to use,: provide fresh seed in a clean bowl and ensure it is clean before next feeding. Provide clean drinking water, store in a clean dry place, should not exceed 27c

Belgium Origin