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LoLo Pets Complete Hamster Food 500g

LoLo Pets Complete Hamster Food 500g

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Complete food for hamster 500g

Complete PET FOOD
Ingredients: Wheat, Barley, Wheat Bran, Alfalfa Meal, Sunflower Extracted Meal, Grain Products and Middlings, Striped Sunflower Seed, Dehydrated Carrot, Carob, Corn Flakes, Oat Groats, Corn, Flax Seed,  Dehulled Pumpkin Seed, Peanuts, Pea Flakes, Wheat Flakes, Rice Flour, Corn Flour, Wheat Flour, Grass Meal, Rye Bran, Beet Pulp (dried, molasses), Thyme, Oats, Carotene.

FEEDING GUIDELINES: Recommended daily ration 7-15 g depending on the weight and age of animal.

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