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Little Stinker Puppy Pads 60 x 60cm 1 piece

Little Stinker Puppy Pads 60 x 60cm 1 piece

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Little Stinker Puppy Pads 60 x 60cm 1 piece

Precision Pet® Little Stinker House Breaking Pads simplify the potty training process by reducing leakage, tracking, and odors.

The unique 6-Layer Liquid Lock System locks in wetness and allows Little Stinker Pads to absorb one hundred times its own volume. Each ultra-absorbent pad is 50% more absorbent than other leading housebreaking pads. Each layer contains superabsorbent polymers that instantly turn liquids into a gel, allowing the pad to stay dry. The tear-resistant, fast drying quilted top layer avoids messes and prevents tracking. Little Sinker Pads also contain antimicrobials which contain and eliminate odors, keeping a puppy's housebreaking area smelling fresh.

Little Stinker Pads contain a non-skid backing and sealed edges to help protect floors, allowing the pads to be placed on a variety of surfaces. Suitable for placing in pet carriers for extended travel

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