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Little BigPaw Duck Dog Food 390g Tin

Little BigPaw Duck Dog Food 390g Tin

8.25 SR

Duck with Blueberries, Courgettes and Pumpkin in a Rich Herb Gravy (390g)

  • Suitable for all breeds of adult dog 
  • 100% Natural
  • Grain Free
  • 50% Duck  
  • Complete Wet Food
  • Hypoallergenic

390g can

Packed with Proteins: Made with freshly prepared delicious chicken – highly nutritious and easily digestible lean meat

Superfood veggies: A nutritious array of vegetables including green beans and mixed peppers. Gentle on tummies but full of fibre.

Natural Carbohydrates: Sweet Potatoes are low in fat but high in nutrients making them easily digestible.

Nourishing Oils: To provide essential fatty acids and Omega 3 for skin, joint care and a super shiny coat.

Natural Joint Supplements: Glucosamine and Chondroitin to promote healthy cartilage and keep joints supple and strong.

Healthy Herbs: Naturally nutritious herbs including kelp and basil to improve overall health and well-being.

Vital Vitamins and Minerals: Including A, D, E & B Complex for a healthy immune system and strong teeth and bones.

…and absolutely no artificial preservatives, no colourants, no flavourings, no grain, no wheat, no soya and no dairy. Just great food packed with natural goodness!

Feeding Guidelines

This is a guide only and will depend on the breed, age and activity level of your dog.

Body Weight     On its Own       With Dry Food


Up to 5kg           1 Can                   ½ Can

10kg                     1 ¾ Cans           1 Can

20kg                     3 Cans                 1 ½ Cans

30kg                     3 ¾ Cans           2 Cans

40kg                    5 Cans                 2 ½ Cans

Remove food from can before feeding. All dogs need access to fresh drinking water at all times.Store in a cool dry place. After opening keep unused food in a lidded container. Keep refrigerated and use within 24 hours.