Hill's Science Plan Cat Ocean Fish in Gravy 85g

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Science Plan Adult 1-6 Ocean Fish (4%) 85g Full-fledged feed for adult cats from 1-6 years old. Goulash with fish (4%).

COMPOSITION: meat and animal by-products, fish and fish by-products, plant by-products, grains, various sugars, eggs and egg by-products, vegetable protein extracts, minerals, oils and fats.

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: crude protein 7,4%, crude fat 4,3%, crude fibre 0,47%, crude ash 1,2%, humidity 80,7%, calcium 0,14%, phosphorus 0,12%, sodium 0,07%, potassium 0,15%, magnesium 0,01%. ADDITIVES 1 KG: nutritional additives: A vit. (3a672a) 23918SV, D3 vit. (E671) 248SV, E vit. (3a700) 106mg, C vit. (3a300) 18.5mg, beta-carotene (3a160a) 0.22mg; iron (3b103) 9.1mg, iodine (3b202) 0.3mg, copper (3b405) 1.5mg, manganese (3b502) 2.0mg, zinc (3b603) 23.5mg. Sensory additives: dye natural caramel.

DOSAGE: A medium-sized cat (4kg) needs 3+1/2 sachets per day. Portion size depends on age, activity and temperament. Fresh drinking water should always be available. Store in a dry and cool place.

Packing: 85g sachet. Manufacturer: Hill's Pet Nutrition