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Essential Foods The Little Lion Kitten 1.5kg

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Product description

Regardless of breed and anticipated adult-size, the LITTLE LION has been formulated, prepared and cooked for your kitten to enjoy from the very moment it’s ready to feast to the age of 10-12 months.

Fresh and dried chicken, duck, salmon, trout and eggs +95.0%
Of which fresh +55.0%


Freshly prepared chicken and duck, dried chicken, freshly prepared salmon and trout, potato, dried duck, fresh whole eggs, sweet potato, peas, fresh chicken liver, chicken fat, flaxseed, liver stock, alfalfa sprouts, pea fibre, salmon oil, vitamins, minerals, cranberries, acai, blueberries, mulberries, apple, tomato, orange, pear, carrot, spinach, cauliflower, seaweed, marigold, ginseng, green tea, ginger, probiotic supplement.

Vegetables, seeds, herbs, berries, vitamins and minerals 20.0% (The total percentage of ingredients is higher than 100% as we use more than 10 kg of ingredients to produce 10 kg of the finished meal)

Protein 41.0%
Fat 18.0% Of which Omega-3 1.1% Of which Omega-6 4.5%
Minerals/Crude Ash 10.0%
Water 7.0%
Fibre 3.5%
Calcium 1.5%
Phosphorous 1.2%
Glucosamine 0.09%
Chondroitin 0.07%
Kcal/Kg 3,920


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Essential Foods The Little Lion Kitten 1.5kg

80.00 SR

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