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Essential Foods The Jaguar Cat

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A very special cat food for adult cats and kittens of all breeds and sizes. Here is our idea of the ULTIMATE meal!

GRAIN-FREE, very similar to what your cat would have eaten in the wild. As always, we have emphasized the premium quality of all our ingredients. With our unique recipe containing 95% chicken, salmon, trout and eggs, we are sure that even the fussiest cat will share our enthusiasm for ESSENTIAL FOODS.

JAGUAR is grain-free and keeps your cat’s blood sugar stable throughout the day.


Fresh and dried chicken, duck, salmon, trout and eggs +95.0% Of which fresh +55.0%

Vegetables, seeds, herbs, berries, vitamins and minerals 20.0% (The total percentage of ingredients is higher than 100% as we use more than 10 kg of ingredients to produce 10 kg of the finished meal)

Protein 40.0%
Fat 17.0% Of which Omega-3 1.1% Of which Omega-6 4.5%
Minerals/Crude Ash 9.0%
Water 7.0%
Fibre 3.5%
Calcium 1.5%
Phosphorous 1.2%
Glucosamine 0.09%
Chondroitin 0.07% Kcal/Kg 3,920

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Essential Foods The Jaguar Cat

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