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Catidea Cat Wipes Pack of 80

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 Catidea Cat Wipes Pack of 80

  • Deodorizing: Natural ingredients neutralize a wide variety of odors for long-term odor control.
  • Healthy Coat: Moisturizing factors nourish the hair follicles to reinforce the skin and coat.
  • De-Shedding: Gentle formula replenishes the natural protective oils to help minimize shedding and prevent hairball.
  • Hypoallergenic: Balanced blends rid cat's fur of allergens while leaving behind a pro-active allergy protection.
  • Moisturizing wipe for cats with dry or sensitive skin
  • Removes unsightly tears and dirt on your pet's eyes, restores the original color of the hair around the eyes, and makes the cat's eyes brighter. When cleaning, put the wipes on the tip of your index finger and gently wipe outward from the inner corner of the eye.
  • Cleans secretions and dirt from cat ears and ear canals, helps to prevent ear mites. While cleaning, hold the cat's chin and slowly wipe the wipes on the tip of your index finger.
  • Cleans the dirt on the cat's mouth and nose as well as food stains on the corners of the mouth and beard.
  • Cleans the faeces and urine stains on the cat's anal area, effectively deodorizes and prevents the hair from being oxidized and yellow.
  • Cleans the footpads, removes dirt and restores the pink color of the feet.
  • Cleans the whole body of hair. Wipe gently along the direction of the hair to remove dirt and greasiness from the fur



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Catidea Cat Wipes Pack of 80

27.50 SR

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