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Broadreach Digestive Care 100g power

142.50 SR

100g sprinkles with 5g scoop (approx. 200 scoops per pot) (neutral flavour)


Advanced Mineral powder for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and other small furries ….Even humans!. Can be given orally in small amounts – 2 – 4 times daily – Bentonite Clay can assist with the general maintenance and gut health of sensitive or overactive systems. Comes with a handy 5g scoop which can be used to sprinkle over food or mixed in.


All Natural – Veterinary formulation – a well founded product with absorbing and soothing properties to help line the gut that can be used every day as a maintenance or given for a specific period. Able to be used on all ages from weaning upwards for any sensitive digestive issue. Produced in pharmaceutical grade facilities using human grade ingredients with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certification.

No Additives, Preservatives or colourants with a neutral, natural flavour that is palatable to pets.

These Probiotics can be used from weaning age of around 4 weeks old upwards to and including senior cats and dogs.


No Additives, Preservatives or colourants with a neutral, natural flavour that is palatable to pets. For any age Pet from Puppies being weaned to very Elderly Pets. In most cases results appear from 24 to 96 hours.  Can also be used long term if needed as a daily maintenance in keeping stools firm and soothing the digestive tract.

Directions for Use:

Give 1 scoop twice daily or more if required. All Natural Ingredient - Bentonite Clay - helps to support sensitive or over reactive digestion in Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. Easy to sprinkle on or mix in food, comes in 100g tub with scoop – 1 scoop = 5kgs in weight – Approx 200 scoopes per pot

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