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Beaphar Cat Malt Paste 100g

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Beaphar Malt Paste for Cats 100 g

Cats by constantly Licking them self it can form hairballs that are regurgitated very unpleasant or even can lead to intestinal blockage in the stomach of the cat.

The combination of aromatic malt and vegetable oils supports the natural expulsion of swallowed hair with the daily bowel. Useful oils and fats are essential for energy supply of the cat.


Malt extract  (12%)
MOS (Mannan-oligosaccharides)  (1%)


Give for shorthaired cats daily about 4 cm
for long-haired cats about 6 cm of the paste
in food or directly from the tube.
If necessary, the amount can be doubled.
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Beaphar Cat Malt Paste 100g

31.00 SR

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