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Whiskas® Tender Bites Beef in Gravy 85g Pouch

3.75 SR

Whiskas® pouch with Beef in Gravy

We put quality chicken in our recipes not only because cats love it but also because it is a great source of natural protein, vitamins and minerals, and by the time we have cooked it in our delicious gravy, it tastes great too!


Gravy - Thickening agents (Modified Starch, Vegetable gums) and Water 49.98%, Animal origin - (Chicken, Liver, Beef, Meat by products) 48.34%, Food additives (Natural flavour , Sodium tripolyphosphate, Salt, Taurine, Disodium EDTA) 1.01%, Soy bean oil 0.35%, Vitamins and minerals 0.31%, Coloring & Color Fixative agents (Color, Sodium nitrite) 0.02%.

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