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H2O Blue Water Fountain 2 L

H2O Blue Water Fountain 2 L

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Fresh water always available for Cats & Dogs

L - 24 x W - 14.7 x H - 14.5cm 

H2O Blue Water Fountain 2 Litre capacity

All pets prefer running water and they know that running water tastes great and has more oxygen! A perfect way for your pet to drink more water.

Multiple drinking water levels

Skimmer aerates water to ensure crystal clear water

Dishwasher friendly for easy cleaning


Plastic housing is injection moulded with food grade Polypropylene (PP), withstand good heat form dishwasher and is BPA free.

Caring for Cat H2O:

To keep your H2O appliance clean and working smoothly, simple maintenance should be carried out. But like all electrical appliance, you should always unplug your H2O from the power outlet before maintenance. For detail maintenance & trouble shooting guidelines, please check the box for how to download the maintenance guide.

H2O recommends to clean the impeller of the pump once a month to ensure smooth operation. It can often get tangle with excess hair from your pets Refer to Pump Maintenance in the instruction booklet, or simply watch the video.

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